Please read carefully our Registration Policy (at the bottom) before registering. Tax is not included in the prices shown below.

The following registration and payment options are offered.
  • Future of AI Workshop-only registration ($50 USD). This kind of registration covers participation in the Future of AI Workshop and, if accepted, one Lightning Workshop presentation with or without a publication. It does not cover admission to the main sessions of BICA 2019 or BICA Society Membership, and is valid during August 15 only. Do not pay if you are paying a Regular or Guest Registration.
  • Full Regular Registration ($600 USD). This kind of registration covers admission to all events of BICA 2019, including the Future of AI Workshop, and associated social events (some Special Events may require a co-pay), plus one-year complimentary BICA Society membership, plus the registration package including electronic proceedings. Printed books of Proceedings can be ordered separately. To decline a Free Complimentary Membership in the BICA Society for the 2019-2020 Academic Year and its benefits, enter a comment in the Special Order Instructions box under your credit card number during the checkout. This choice will not reduce your registration fee.
  • Remote Participant Registration, without attendance ($200 USD). This registration option does not include admission to the conference and colocated events, one-year complimentary BICA Society Membership and a registration package. It covers only one publication of an accepted paper, plus a miniposter presentation that will be made by the Organizers on behalf of the author. Pay only when invited! Extra page fees should be added if required.
  • Guest Registration ($100 USD). Guest registration covers admission to associated social events only, and includes Future of AI Workshop. Some Special Events may require an additional co-pay. This kind of registration does not cover publications or presentations. The Guest must be accompanied by a regular participant.
  • Extra-page fees ($50 USD per extra page in excess of 6 pages). Does not apply to CSR journal papers.
  • Special event co-pay (expect ~$40 USD, TBA). This is a symbolic head-counting payment necessary to reserve a ticket for a Special Event.
  • Printed Springer book: A hard copy of the Springer Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volume with BICA 2019 Proceedings. Limited supplies. Limited to one copy per registered participant. Available for pickup on site only (no mailing).
One Regular registration fee covers:
  • admission to the BICA 2019 conference, including all technical sessions, discussion panels, Doctoral Consortium, demos and posters, meals and coffee breaks;
  • one presentation at BICA 2019 and one publication in a BICA 2019 publication venue, plus (if accepted) one Workshop Lightning talk and the associated with it additional publication in a BICA 2019 publication venue;
  • admission to the Welcome Reception;
  • a registration package, including advance online access to conference proceedings, printed program brochure;
  • and more.
  • In addition, a Regular registration payment implies acceptance of the BICA Society Bylaws and a one-year Free Complimentary Membership in the BICA Society. To decline acceptance of bylaws and a Free Complimentary Membership in the BICA Society for the 2019-2020 Academic Year and its benefits, you would need to enter a comment in the Special Order Instructions box under your credit card number during the checkout. This choice will not reduce your registration fee.
Our registration policy is the following.
  • Every participant of any BICA 2019 event must be registered. One-day or partial registration is not an option, with one exception: we do allow workshop-only registrations for a very affordable price made possible by the sponsors, please see above.
  • All Workshop-Only Registrants and Regular Registrants are entitled to submit slides and (optionally) an associated paper for a Workshop Lightning Presentation. Submission should be made to one of the two tracks: "Future of AI Workshop – Industry" (chaired by David Kelley) or "Future of AI Workshop – BICA Lighting Rounds" (chaired by Alexei Samsonovich). Both tracks are expected to be highly competitive. If accepted, the paper can be presented as a Workshop Lightning talk and, optionally, published in the appropriate venue, provided the registration is paid. For Regular Registrants, these Workshop Lightning presentation and publication are complimentary and can be made at no extra charge in addition to their Main-Session BICA 2019 presentation and publication. For Workshop-Only Registrants, this is the only presentation and/or publication option. Papers not accepted to the Future of AI Workshop may be redirected by PC to the BICA 2019 Track (and in this case will require a different kind of registration).
  • In general, each instance of a BICA 2019 presentation+publication, presentation-only, or publication-only, should be covered by a separate valid registration (which is not a Guest registration), with one exception: Regular Registered Participants are allowed up to two presentations-publications: one in a Main Session of BICA 2019, and one in the Future of AI Workshop. Please use the right track for each submission. The range of available publication venues is the same for both. Please be aware that the number of slots in the Workshop Lightning Session is limited.
  • Refunds are not provided, regardless of circumstances. Registration payments made in a wrong category will be considered not valid.
  • All payments must be made through this BICA Society website using a major credit card (acceptable cards are shown on the right).
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