Time left before the submission deadline:

  • The deadline may not be extended.

The deadline may not be extended.


Submission and Publication

In this year we allow multiple presentations and publications per one registration: please see Registration for details. To use the complimentary Future of AI Workshop Lightning Talk option, submit your second paper or abridged abstract to a Workshop Lightning Track.

Submissions of abstracts and papers for BICA 2019 in Seattle are accepted strictly via EasyChair at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=bica2019 (the link on the right: please login as an author). We currently have three publication venues associated with BICA 2019, all described below.

  1. A special issue of the Elsevier journal Cognitive Systems Research, entirely dedicated to selected papers from BICA 2019.
  2. Already published (see below) - the volume of Springer's AISC series, the official Proceedings of BICA 2019.
  3. For late papers of all kinds - the official Postproceedings of BICA 2019, to be published as a volume of Procedia Computer Science.

Each option has its own instructions for authors.

Submission to Cognitive Systems Research

As a consequence of the merger of two Elsevier journals, BICA and CSR, that comes in effect starting from January 1, 2019, we will have a series of CSR special issues on BICA: two issues per year, one of which is entirely dedicated to papers from the BICA conference, and the other one may also take papers from the conference, along with other BICA papers. The number of papers for these two issues is unlimited; however, papers must be of a journal quality (no short position papers, sorry). Please find the guidelines at the journal web site: https://www.elsevier.com/journals/cognitive-systems-research/1389-0417/guide-for-authors. Remember that it is not a camera-ready submission: the paper will be typeset for you at Elsevier.

All initial submissions, however, should be made not to the journal site, but to the EasyChair submission site (use the link on the right), where they will be initially reviewed as conference submissions.

Please indicate your intention to submit ASAP by uploading to EasyChair a tentative topic of your paper - no files, no commitments are required!

Published Springer's AISC volume


[ download your electronic copy ]

  • Those who are interested in a hard copy can get it at the conference in Seattle, provided the availability. To reserve your personal hard copy of the book, go to the registration page.

Here is how to cite the book:

  • Samsonovich, A.V. (Ed.). Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 948. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.
  • ISSN 2194-5357 ISSN 2194-5365 (electronic)
  • ISBN 978-3-030-25718-7 ISBN 978-3-030-25719-4 (eBook)
  • https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-25719-4

Submission to Procedia Computer Science

The Elsevier journal Procedia Computer Science (ISSN: 1877-0509) is a well known open-access journal which mainly publishes papers after high-level peer reviewed conferences in various branches of computing science. Procedia Computer Science is indexed by Scopus and Thomson Reuters, and all articles can be found online at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/18770509.

Submissions should be made via EasyChair using the link on the right.

A Preview of the EasyChair Submission Site
This section needs to be corrected.

When you login as an author, you will see the following choice:

Select a Track

Please select the track relevant for your submission and click "Continue".

  • BICA 2019
  • Technological / Robotic Demo (submit an abstract describing your demo, plus optionally a soft demo itself)
  • Sub-event Proposal or Description: Workshop, Symposium, Special Session, Breakout Group, Panel or Roundtable Discussion (submit an abstract or a short paper; must agree to chair the event)
  • Application for help with reviewing as a Program Committee Member (submit minimal info about yourself)

In most cases you select the first option: BICA 2019. Then you will need to specify your presentation preference and your publication preference:

Presentation Options

Your expected presentation category - may be changed by PC.* See call for papers or invitation letter for more details. In general, approval of your choice is not guaranteed.

  • Keynote / Invited Talk
  • Regular or Short Talk
  • Lightning Talk Only
  • Lightning Talk plus a Poster
  • Poster or Miniposter Only (with or without attendance)
  • Roundtable Discussion Topic or Question (submit as an abstract, no file)
  • Attendance Only (submit short info about yourself as an abstract, no file)

Doctoral Consortium. Students may select this option. Should your presentation be included in Doctoral Consortium?

Publication Preferences

For a paper submission, please indicate all publication options that are acceptable for you. Only one (not necessarily from your list) may be assigned by PC to each submitted paper.

  • Special issue of Elsevier's journal Cognitive Systems Research - full journal papers only
  • Springer's volume of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing: pre-conference publication
  • Elsevier's volume of Procedia Computer Science - open-access: post-conference publication
  • Local distribution - an electronic volume available to conference participants: not a publication none

You may skip the following fields when submitting an abstract:

PDF. Upload your paper. The paper must be in PDF, formatted according to instructions on the submission site (http://bica2019.bicasociety.org/submission/).

Source. Upload the MS Word (single file: .doc or .docx, preferable) or LaTex (a .zip archive) complete source, used to generate your PDF. In LaTex archives, the main file name should be indicated.

Consent to Publish. A signed by one of the co-authors Consent to Publish form, scanned to a PDF. Mandatory for Springer papers.

Supplement. Optionally upload your full-size poster, demo, video file, supplementary materials, or any additional data (almost any format). Figures and tables for the paper should be included in the main files (PDF and Source, above). Presentation slides and miniposters should be uploaded separately, using other fields (below).

Slides. PowerPoint slides that will be actually presented. Mandatory for lightning talks. Should be in PowerPoint (preferable) or PDF.

Miniposter (one-page A4 landscape PDF). If your presentation format is a miniposter, then this field is mandatory. The one-page A4 landscape-oriented poster should be readable from a distance. Again, this should be only one A4 page in PDF.

If you have questions, please contact Alexei.Samsonovich@gmail.com


It remains to add that all three venues are indexed in Web of Science and Scopus; plus, the first one has a WoS JCR Impact Factor 1.4 and belongs to Q2 or Q3 (depending on the year) in Artificial Intelligence. Among the three, CSR is the only 'true' journal (a publication in it qualifies as Article), while the other two publish Conference Papers, according to Scopus and WoS.

To initiate or update a submission, press the button below to go to the EasyChair site.
  • Partal or incomplete submissions (e.g. tentative title only) are OK and welcome. They can be updated later.
  • Never initiate a new submission just to correct an existing one.